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  • First Aid
    Training at
    All Levels
  • Public, Workplace
    & Childcare Courses
    Now Available
  • Asthma,
    Anaphylaxis &
    other Specialist
  • First Aid
    for all
    your events.
  • First Aid at your
    Sporting Event
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 First Aid Kits, Supplies, Training, First Aid Courses Victoria

Call Us 0488 405 605
or contact us to learn more today
Metropolitan and Regional Victoria's First Aid Services
Your Risks and Needs are Unique. 
Welcome to Victoria's premier First Aid Provider for First Aid Training, Event First Aid Services and First Aid Kits and products.  With an excellent background providing service to Victorians, we understand the risks associated with working in regional Victoria and its unique needs.
We'll come to you to establish your specific needs, which may include...
►  First Aid Training at All Levels - On-Site at your workplace or at one of our venues       
►  Safety Risk Analysis of Your Sites
►  Event First Aid Services
►  First Aid  Kits & Safety Supplies for Work & Home
►  Public, Childcare and Asthma Courses now available

To complete your First Aid Training and preparation, we also supply all your First Aid and Safety Supplies. We supply first aid kits, and supplies, event first aid and first aid courses, and supply our services in Dandenong, and throughout Melbourne and Victoria. We also provide workplace first aid training and courses so don't hesitate calling us for your needs.
Registered Training Orginisation: (RTO ) 41360                                                 
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