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About Us

Regional Experience for Victorians

Your risks and potential injuries are unique.  With the increased risk of extended travel times and remote or semi-remote care, Victorian First Aid Services (incorporating Gippsland First Aid Services) has been operating for over 20 years providing first aid and pre-hospital care courses across Victoria with a focus on Gippsland and Regional Victoria.


Scope of Services

We specialise in courses for general public, workplaces, schools and aged care facilities. We'll talk to you about your specific risks and potential hazards to ensure your training is relevant and useful in the situations you face on a daily basis.


Event First Aid Services

With so many requests for our services at sporting and community events Victorian First Aid Services provides first aid and other pre hospital care services at many events across the state. This includes school sports, Agricultural Show, Motor Sport events and many others.


Walking Our Talk

Our staff have extensive hands on practical experience in first aid and pre-hospital care. Our staff are either registered nurses or experienced first responders and still practice in their field of expertise.


Training You Can Really Use

Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive and useful training in first aid to equip the community to provide the quality care to those in need whether they are family, friend, colleague or strangers.




Thank you for choosing Victorian First Aid Services.  Contact us for your special needs in training and event first aid today.