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First Aid Melbourne Victoria


Providing Professional First Aid Training To Suit Your Personal and Workplace Requirements


Our first aid Melbourne division offers premium first aid training, event first aid services, first aid kits and many other related first aid products.  Victorian First Aid understands the importance of having proper first aid training.  In fact, our goal is to work very hard to equip you with the confidence and knowledge to deal with an emergency, should anything unforeseen happen in your home or workplace. 


When you deal with Victorian First Aid, you can expect:


  • First Aid training at all levels
  • Professional training either on-site at your workplace or at one of our multiple venues around Victoria
  • A safety risk analysis of your sites
  • Event first aid services
  • First aid kits and safety supplies for your work and home
  • Specialised courses in anaphylaxis management and asthma care


We provide a high quality ‘first aid’ service to Victorians and have a comprehensive background in professional first aid training. In addition to that, we also specialise in servicing areas in regional Victoria; and understand the unique risks and specific needs associated with living in rural areas. We also specialise in providing workplace first aid training and courses for all types of businesses and organisations, who require first aid understanding.


We are committed to delivering the best first aid training available. If you’re after onsite training for groups of 8 or more, our specialist trainers can provide customised training solutions to suit the needs of your group. To organise or to schedule training for first aid in Melbourne, Victoria, call 0488 405 605 or alternatively, email us at training@victorianfirstaid.com.au