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Workplace First Aid Melbourne


Delivering Premium First Aid Training In The Workplace


Victorian First Aid is an expert at providing workplace first aid in Melbourne.  We offer premium first aid training, event first aid services, first aid kits and many other related first aid products for businesses, throughout Victoria.   Our highly skilled team can deliver first aid training on-site at your workplace, at a time that is convenient for you. 


We can accommodate most workplaces including, schools, aged care and sporting facilities, corporate businesses and much more.  Our goal is to ensure that you understand the specific risks and potential hazards involved, to ensure your training is relevant and useful, particularly in the situations you face on a daily basis.   In fact, we’re here to make the whole process easy for you.  We’ll supply you with a large selection of professional First Aid kits and First Aid supplies, to meet your requirements and assist in making your workplace environment safe.


Our competent team, have extensive hands on practical experience in first aid and pre-hospital care. In fact, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands, knowing that all our staff are either registered nurses or experienced first aid responders, who still practice in their field of expertise.


Victorian First Aid can organise onsite training for groups of 8 or more. Our specialist trainers can provide customised training solutions, to suit the specific needs of your group. For extra flexibility, we can also provide training after business hours and weekends, should this be required.


If you’re interested in workplace first aid in Melbourne, please call us for more information on 0488 405 605 or alternatively, you can email us at training@victorianfirstaid.com.au